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Making the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

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A French press is an attractive addition to any coffee bar tray. However, it should be more than an aesthetic choice. French presses can help you make exceptional cups of coffee, as long as you know how to make the most of them.

While using a French press requires a degree of precision, the effort is well worth it. If you want to take your experience to the next level, here’s how you can make the perfect cup of French press coffee.

Making the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

What You Need to Make the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

If you’re going to make an exceptional cup of French press coffee, you need to have the right supplies. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot. Here’s an overview of what you’ll want to have available:

  • French Press
  • Coffee Beans
  • Grinder
  • Scoop
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Kettle
  • Filtered Water
  • Coffee Mug
  • Serving Tray

Using coffee beans and a grinder is critical. Often, ground coffee from the store is designed to work best in drip coffee makers, not French presses. When you grind your own beans, you don’t just get a fresher cup of coffee, but you can control the grind, ensuring it’s ideal for a French press.

Similarly, using filtered water instead of tap is a good idea. Tap water usually has impurities that affect its taste, such as chlorine. By using filtered water (or bottled water), you don’t have to worry about any undesirable substances altering the flavor of your coffee.

How to Brew Amazing Coffee Using a French Press

The first step toward your perfect cup of French press coffee is to start heating the water. Ideally, you want the water to reach 200°F. If you use an electric kettle, you might be able to set the proper temperature. If not, then bring the water to a boil and then let it stand for 30 seconds right before you use it.

Fill the French press with hot tap water and let it sit for about one minute. This preheats the container, limiting heat loss once you actually start preparing the coffee.

For a standard size French press, grind 55 grams of coffee beans. You want to select a coarse grind to ensure the grounds stay below the press. Usually, a consistency similar to sea salt is what you want to achieve.

Pour out the hot tap water in the French press and then place the ground inside. Slowly pour the 200°F water over the grounds until they are saturated and can be lightly swirled. Let the French press sit for 30 seconds, give them another quick swirl, and then pour in more hot water until the waterline reaches the center of the top metal band (approximately one-inch below the rim).

Set a timer for 3 minutes, 30 seconds, and start it. Next, position the plunger and press it about halfway into the container. Then, pull it back up until it is just barely below the waterline.

Making the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

While the coffee steeps, fill your mug with hot water. This preheats your cup. When the timer has about 30 seconds left, pour out the water.

Once the timer goes off, press the plunger down until it stops at the bottom. You’re now ready to pour your perfect cup of French press coffee.

What Else You Need on Your Coffee Bar Tray

If you want to make sure you have everything else you need for your ideal cup of coffee, properly outfit your coffee bar tray. Have napkins at the ready in a stand as well as spoons or stir sticks in a little cup or on a dish. Fill a small covered bowl with sugar or sugar cubes and place it on the tray.

If you enjoy creamer, you could have shelf-stable versions available on your tray as well. For example, you could put powdered creamer in a covered bowl that coordinates with your sugar. You can also get individual serving-sized liquid creamer containers and set those in a dish.

You can also place flavored syrups on your coffee bar tray. Use full-sized bottles, if you’d like, or pour the flavoring into smaller syrup containers if you prefer to avoid the brand labels or want something shorter on your tray.

Once everything is in place, you’ll have easy access to it all. It’ll streamline your mornings, ensuring your perfect cup of coffee will be ready to go in no time flat.

Making the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

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