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Making an Amazing Seafood Platter with Your 3 -Tiered Tray

3 Tiered Tray Galvanized Tiered Stand Seafood Seafood Platter Tiered Seafood Platter Tiered Tray

A 3-tiered tray is an incredibly versatile party item, allowing you to display a variety of foods in a condensed space.

If you really want to impress at your next gathering, turning your 3-tier galvanized metal stand into a delectable seafood platter can be an ideal choice. It allows you to take various nibbles and create an enticing display, elevating your table-scape.

While creating a standout seafood platter might seem challenging, it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation and the right 3-tiered tray, you can put one together with ease. If you’re ready to make seafood the food star at your party, here’s what you need to do.

Choose the Right 3-Tiered Tray

First and foremost, you can’t create an amazing seafood platter on a 3-tiered stand without having the right metal tiered serving stand. Every option isn’t created equal, and they don’t all come with the same features.

First, you want to choose a galvanized 3-tier tray. Galvanized metal is water-resistant, making it important when you are serving cold items, where condensation and drips can occur.

Additionally, each tier needs a raised edge and has to be water-tight. Since your tray is going to feature seafood, you want the ability to have ice on various levels. Without a raised edge and a water-tight design, ice and food could fall off, for one. For another, as the ice melts, water would drip from the tiers.

With raised edges and a water-tight design, like the galvanized metal 3-tiered tray from Bison Home Goods, the ice is fully contained. Even as it melts, the water stays put, ensuring you won’t get any drips. Plus, the Bison Home Goods tiered stand has a handle at the top. This makes moving your tray a breeze, ensuring you can set up in one place and then move the snacks to your table without having to worry about dropping it along the way.

Making an Amazing Seafood Platter with Your 3 -Tiered Tray

How to Put Together an Amazing Seafood Platter with Your 3-Tiered Tray

Food Safety for Seafood

Before we discuss which foods you should serve, let’s take a moment to talk about food safety. Platters need to focus on a single temperature. You don’t want to mix cold items with hot, as the conflicting temperatures bring everything out of the safe zone.

In most cases, for seafood platters, concentrating on chilled foods is the easiest approach. That way, you can use a layer of ice on the bottom of each tray to keep the tasty morsels at the proper temperature.

Main Foods to Include

When you create a seafood platter, you want to provide a range of items. Which ones you include could vary depending on your and your guests’ preferences or, in some cases, what is or isn’t in season.

However, if you want to go with a classic seafood platter, consider certain items a must. Here are some great options if you don’t know where to begin.

  • Raw oysters on the half shell
  • Raw clams (littleneck) on the half shell
  • Cooked and chilled lobster, cut into pieces
  • Cooked, peeled, deveined, and chilled tail-on jumbo shrimp
  • Cooked and chilled crab

Making an Amazing Seafood Platter with Your 3 -Tiered Tray

Sauces, Dips, and Other Extras

Many people enjoy sauces, dips, and flavorful extras on their seafood. Consider making some classics available, including:

  • Cocktail sauce
  • Thai chili sauce
  • Tartar sauce
  • Lemon wedges
  • Melted butter

Ideally, you want your sauces in small containers, each with a spoon for serving. That way, guests can add some to their seafood without having dip directly.

Utensils, Plates, and Napkins

Finally, you need to make sure your guests have access to some critical items. Napkins, toothpicks, and small paper plates, for example, need to be readily available. If you serve crab in the shell, then you’ll need crab claw crackers, too.

In some cases, you can use napkin stands and small containers to arrange the items themselves and then place them on the top tier of the tray. That puts them front and center, ensuring they won’t get overlooked. However, if you’re hosting a large gathering and need every tray for food, you can always set the containers next to your 3-tier stand instead.

Once those are in place, your amazing seafood platter is ready. Just keep the foods cold and place them on the ice-filled trays right before your guests arrive. That way, everything will be accessible and will stay delectable until it can be enjoyed. 

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