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Indoor Herbs That Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant

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If you want your metal herb planter to be functional and beautiful, filling it with vibrant herbs is a great option. The herbs can be a source of color and life in what can be a sterile space. Plus, you can choose highly aromatic herbs, imbuing the space with delectable scents.

Whether you need herbs that grow in limited sun or want to stick with must-have herbs for your kitchen, your sure to find options that will make your kitchen more vibrant. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some indoor herbs to consider.

Indoor Herbs That Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant

Thai Basil

With a lovely licorice scent and reddish-purple flower spikes, Thai basil is an excellent choice for an exotic indoor herb garden. It’s also a bit spicier than traditional basil, and it a more robust. Often, Thai basil is the basil of choice for cooked dishes like stir-fries, curries, and soups.



Another herb that flowers, dill produces lively yellow blooms in midsummer. This makes it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

When it comes to using this herb, fresh dill’s flavor is fairly mild. That means you can use it raw without overpowering a dish. For example, you could sprinkle some on a salad or mix it into a dressing. A little bit in some German potato salad is truly delightful, as well.


Indoor Herbs That Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant


Rosemary can actually be sculpted into a topiary if you have the desire to shape it. Plus, it’s highly fragrant, grows full and bushy, and can even produce purple flowers in early summer under the right conditions. Rosemary is also a widely used herb, making it a great choice if you want to keep classic flavors readily available.



Greek Oregano

In midsummer, Greek oregano can produce clusters of tiny blossoms, usually in either white or pale pink. This plant also grows fairly full and is incredibly versatile. It has a slightly spicy mint to woodsy flavor. You can use it in stews or tomato sauces, when grilling meets, or even in an egg scramble.


Pineapple Sage

With a sweet pineapple scent and vibrant red blooms toward the end of summer, pineapple sage can be a fun addition to any kitchen herb planter. The leaves are also quite flavorful, serving as a great addition to summer fruit salads, chicken dishes, and breads. You can even add some to cakes or smoothies if you want to imbue a hint of something unexpected to the flavor profile.



If your kitchen gets a lot of sun, then adding lavender to your windowsill herb garden is a great move. It is a highly fragrant plant, offering up amazing purple blossoms that are highly versatile. You can use them to add an intriguing flavor to cakes, ice cream, scones, and other sweet dishes. Plus, it’s a popular addition to homemade soap, bath bombs, and more.


Indoor Herbs That Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant


A mint family herb is always a wise addition to a kitchen herb garden. What makes spearmint a great choice is the beautiful lilac to pink bells that can emerge in midsummer. Additionally, spearmint is invasive, which means planting it in a pot isn’t just about convenience; it’s also the responsible thing to do.

Indoor Herbs That Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant

Choosing the Right Herb Planter for Your Kitchen

If you want to grow indoor herbs, you’ll need the right metal herb planter. Usually, you want to choose a slimmer option, allowing you to use it as windowsill décor. With that approach, you can ensure your herbs get enough light. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice a ton of kitchen counter space, making it a great approach for fresh herbs in a smaller kitchen.

By choosing a galvanized steel herb planter, your garden will coordinate with many popular home styles. It blends seamlessly with industrial or rustic décor, and can work well in traditional, transitional, and Craftsman homes. With the proper styling, the end look can even be quite contemporary.

Finally, you also want to select an herb planter that is the right size. With the right option, like Bison Home Goods planter pots, each pot you get is the perfect size for an herb plant. Your herbs will have enough room to flourish without taking up more space than is necessary.

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