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How to Outfit the Perfect Coffee Bar Tray

3-tier Tray Stand Coffee Bar Coffee Bar Tray

A coffee bar tray is an ideal way to organize everything you need for a great cup of coffee each morning. By putting the right items on your galvanized 3-tier tray, you are streamlining your routine.

Everything you need for your perfect cup is right at your fingertips. Plus, by putting some fun home coffee bar additions on your coffee bar tray, the result is attractive, too.

What’s a Coffee Bar Tray?

In the simplest terms, a coffee bar tray is a method for organizing all of your coffee needs. It keeps all of your ingredients and add-ins together, so you always know right where to look.

Plus, it gives you the ability to turn your coffee items into an attractive display. By going with a 3-tier galvanized metal stand, you are also saving counter space. 

How to Outfit the Perfect Coffee Bar Tray

You get multiple layers for storing frequently used items, ensuring you don’t have to have it all spread out on a counter or taking up room in cabinets.

Coffee Bar Tray Must-Haves

Outfitting a perfect coffee bar tray is simple. If you want to make sure yours has everything you may need, here’s what you need to put on your tiered galvanized stand.

Mugs and Spoons or Stirrers

Having your favorite mug at the ready ensures you can start your day off right. Plus, by having a few spoons or stirrers set on the tray, you make them accessible.

No one has to dig into a drawer to find a stirring utensil.

Plus, you guarantee that people use the spoons or stirrers you want them to use instead of grabbing something else.

Coffee Pods, Beans, or Grounds

Keeping your coffee on your 3-tier galvanized stand streamlines your morning routine.

Whether you use coffee pods, grind fresh beans every day, or prefer ready-to-use grounds, you’ll have them right on your counter.

It also creates an opportunity to organize several coffee pod flavors. You can separate them on different tiers or in different sections.

The approach also makes it easy to see what flavors you have, since the tops are easily readable. With grounds or beans, all you need to a nice container that seals. That way, your coffee stays as fresh as possible.

Glass or ceramic options are particularly attractive, so consider ditching your coffee bag or can and going with one of those instead.

Sugar – Packets, Cubes, or Bowl

If you, your family members, or guests like to sweeten their coffee, have some sugar at the readySugar cubes can be particularly attractive in a container and may be less messy than loose sugar.

How to Outfit the Perfect Coffee Bar Tray - Coffee mug, milk and sugar cubes

But, if you go with the latter option, just make sure to use a beautiful sugar bowl to add a nice touch to your coffee bar tray.

You can also use sugar packets if that’s more convenient. Again, you might want to put them in a container. That way, you can keep the look of your coffee bar tray clean.

Shelf-Stable Creamer

Shelf-stable creamer can be a great addition to any home coffee bar. Whether you want to use the small containers of liquid creamer or powdered creamer in an attractive dish, having it readily available makes creating your perfect cup convenient.

Flavored Syrups

If you enjoy flavoring your coffee drinks, consider putting some flavored syrups on your coffee bar tiered stand. It makes them highly accessible and ensures you can see which flavors are available.

While you can leave the syrups in their original bottle, you don’t have to go that route. If you find that they’re too large to fit on the stand or don’t like the look of the bottles, switch it up.

Glass syrup dispensers can be an attractive alternative. Just make sure to label each bottle if you have more than one syrup on your tray.

Fun Home Coffee Bar Additions

Once you have all of your coffee supplies on your 3-tiered stand, why not add some fun, attractive elements. 

For example, add some life to your coffee bar tray by setting a small succulent on one of the levels. You could also go with small bud vases and several flowers.

Consider getting a small picture frame to display flavored coffee recipes or a quirky saying, as well. That approach is a great way to keep a recipe handy or to add some personality to your display.

Even a mini chalkboard can be fun, as it lets you switch things up with ease.

Ultimately, any small décor item could work. Why not turn your coffee bar tray into a dramatic decorative piece? It can be a fun way to add interest to your kitchen, all while keeping your coffee supplies accessible and organized.

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P.S. Did this post on How to Outfit the Perfect Coffee Bar Tray help you? How would you outfit a coffee bar tray? We would love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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