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How to Create the Best Breakfast in Bed

Serving Tray

Nothing makes a loved one feel special quite like an amazing breakfast in bed. It’s an event that’s equal parts cozy and luxurious.

Mainly, that’s because breakfast in bed feels indulgent while remaining comfortable. Hence why it’s such a popular gesture.

If you want to create the best breakfast in bed for someone you care about, you need to pay attention to the details.

You can’t just dump French toast on a plate and call it good. Going the extra mile is what makes the person feel a bit spoiled. Since that’s usually the goal, it’s wise to make sure you handle the bed in breakfast right.

So, how do you make that happen? By using the tips below to craft the best breakfast in bed experience imaginable.

Start with a Great Breakfast in Bed Serving Tray

When you’re making someone breakfast in bed, serving trays are the foundation of the experience.

They stand in for a table, giving the person a flat surface that can hold their entire meal.

Without one (preferable a serving tray with handles), your loved one might have issues keeping their plates level, cutting up their food, and enjoying the experience.

How to Create the Best Breakfast in Bed

What kind of serving trays you use depends on your preferences. A wooden serving tray with handles can add a rustic touch.

For many, that makes the meal seem comfortable and a bit quaint, not unlike eating at a farmhouse bed and breakfast.

But, if the color of the foods is particularly vibrant, a black serving tray with handles can be a great option.

It makes the backdrop neutral and could help those colors stand out.

If you go with a stainless steel tray with handles, it can feel particularly elegant. Plus, the surface is easy to wipe clean, which can be beneficial.

Whatever approach you use, make sure the tray feels sturdy. You don’t want it to flex when pressure is put on it. That way, the breakfast dishes stay put, and your loved one feels confident using it.

Elevate the Place Setting

While using your everyday dishes might be easier, if you want the experience to be genuinely exceptional, consider taking it up a notch.

By elevating the place settings, the event feels special.

Consider using your china if you want to create the best breakfast in bed. It adds an air of sophistication, even if the person is in their pajamas.

You should also opt for linens over paper products. For example, a beautiful placemat and fabric napkins align with a fine dining experience, making them excellent additions.

Cook Multiple Items at Once

If you are serving your loved one several hot items for their breakfast in bed, then you’re going to need to time your cooking.

Ideally, you want every part to finish heating at about the same time. That way, everything is warm as it’s served.

For anyone who isn’t an experienced cook, this can be a little challenging. But it’s worth planning out. It’s one of those extra mile steps that improves the experience.

So, review your recipes, anticipate the timing, and strive to make it happen.

Use Decorative Containers

Certain meal additions aren’t placed on the foods as they are served. Syrups and butter are two examples.

Not only can people have strong feelings about how much they want to use, but they can also absorb into food items.

If you want to make the best breakfast in bed, then put items like syrup and butter in small, decorative containers. A glass syrup dispenser can be an attractive option, for example.

It’s nicer than the syrups original bottle and gives the diner the ability to control how much they use.

Add Something Pretty to the Serving Tray

A breakfast in bed isn’t complete without a small decorative item. A single rose or another flower in a bud vase is the traditional choice. However, it isn’t your only option.

How to Create the Best Breakfast in Bed

For example, does the person have a favorite animal? If so, consider getting a small brass one to add to their serving tray. It’s a personal touch that can make a big impact.

Serve the Breakfast in Bed a Smile

Finally, if you want to create the best breakfast in bed, serve the meal with a smile. It’s a simple gesture that shows the person you care.

Plus, it makes you seem happy to do this for them, and that makes the entire experience that much more meaningful.

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P.S. Did this post on How to Create the Best Breakfast in Bed help you? How would you create the best breakfast in bed?

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