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Decorating Your Serving Tray for Valentine’s Day

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Serving trays aren’t just for serving beverages and snacks; they can also be great décor items. In many ways, a large black serving tray can act as a frame, giving you a chance to create a lovely seasonal vignette that stands out against a tabletop or counter. Plus, you can easily move the display around, which is a nice bonus.

Many people struggle with how to decorate their serving tray for each season, particularly an event like Valentine’s Day. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you want to make sure your décor is on point, here are some tips.

Select the Best Serving Tray for the Job

Before you worry about creating the full display, you need to make sure you have the best serving tray for the job. A large black serving tray can be an excellent choice. The color of the tray is neutral, but it also contrasts well with many of the lighter and brighter hues you see around Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, by choosing a serving tray with handles that also has raised side edges, your display is easy to move around. You won’t have to worry about décor items falling off. Plus, the taller sides create a more distinct frame, elevating your display.

You also want to make sure your black serving tray with handles is generously sized without it being so large that it overwhelms your table or counter. Scale can be surprisingly critical when creating any display, so choose a serving tray that feels proportionate to the surface upon which it will sit.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Valentine’s Day

Decide on Your Color Palette

Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with red and pink, though white can also play a big role in the holiday. Luckily, all of those colors can be mixed, so you aren’t necessarily limited to just one or two.

However, it’s wise to decide which colors you’d like to feature. That way, you can select items in the right hues and create a visually balanced display.

Choose an Anchor Item

An anchor item is usually larger and more visually interesting than the rest of the display. It centers the décor on the tray, gives the arrangement some weight, and draws the eye.

For Valentine’s Day, you may want to choose a simple wooden block with a seasonal phrase or image. Some natural wood with a rustic white painted heart can be a great option, as well as words like “love” or a simple “XOXO.”

Vases, canisters, figurines, and similar items can also serve as anchors. Consider what you want to showcase on your display, and use it as a starting point.

Add Some Flowers

Flowers are a quintessential Valentine’s Day décor item. They let you add a hint of life to your display in a way that feels perfect for the season.

You can also use flowers as an anchor item if you select a nice vase. This allows the flowers to pull double-duty, which could be ideal in some cases.

If you prefer fresh blooms, choose seasonal flowers in colors that match your overall palette. By going with seasonal options like hyacinths, sweetpeas, or tulips, you’ll save a little on your display.

However, if you have your heart set on a different flower, you can certainly go that way. Out of season fresh flowers can be a bit more expensive, but they may be available. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with going with silk flowers, especially if you want them to last more than a week or so.

Don’t Forget Some Sparkle or Shine

When you want to round out a display, something reflective, sparkly, or shining is a good option. For a Valentine’s Day display, that may involve a metallic figurine, like a brass heart, or a metal container, such as a candy dish or vase.

You can also go with fairy lights if you prefer. They are fairly delicate and can easily be placed inside a glass container or strewn around other items on the serving tray.

Add a Hint of Lace

If you really want to amp up the romantic feel, consider adding a lace doily to the mix. If you position it where it gently cascades off of the raised edge of your serving tray, it’ll stand out against the black tray. It’s a simple touch but can add a bit of wow factor quickly. Just limit yourself to only one, as more than that can be a bit much.

Try a Little Bit of Candy

Many Valentine’s Day candies are quite attractive to look at, making them fun additions to your serving tray décor. For example, a mix of conversation hearts in a dish can be a nice addition, adding some extra subtle color to the display. You can also go with foil-wrapped chocolates if you prefer.

For the dish, you may want to go with an antiqued metal one or a white ceramic or porcelain one for conversation hearts. If you’re using foil-wrapped chocolates, a white dish is a better option as it serves as a neutral backdrop.

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