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Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

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A rustic serving tray can be an excellent addition to your fall décor. However, if you want to take your display to the next level, then styling your large wood tray is a must. You can create a captivating vignette that’s all about the season. You’ll imbue your room with flair, giving you a space for an intriguing arrangement that you can reposition with ease.

Luckily, decorating your serving tray for fall is fairly simple. Many classic autumn elements look right at home on a rustic wood platter. But, if you don’t know where to begin, don’t fret. Here are some tips that will help you get your serving tray autumn-ready.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

Choose the Right Serving Tray

Having the right serving tray is a must when you want to use it in your décor. The tray needs to be functional and attractive, ensuring it’s a useful and decorative item simultaneously.

Start by finding a tray with a distinct side edge. That allows it to frame your display and keep items contained.

Next, look for a tray with sturdy handles. A wooden serving tray with handles can be a particularly good choice. It’ll be incredibly durable, for one. For another, the wood grain adds texture, even if the tray is painted or stained.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

Finally, look for the right size. You want the tray to be generous, without being so large as to overwhelm the surface it will rest upon. Scale is important, so don’t overlook it when choosing a serving tray.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

Start with Pumpkins and Gourds

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins and gourds. Luckily, they are plenty of smaller-scale options that are ideal for a serving tray.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

Along with natural pumpkins and gourds, you can also find ceramic, glass, and metal versions, all in classic autumn colors like warm oranges and honey yellows. This gives you the ability to create a short-term seasonal display or choose options that you can use year after year.

If you prefer, you could also use dried decorative corn. Often, it’s available in a range of fall colors, making it a potentially lovely addition to your autumn serving tray décor.

Add Some (Faux) Foliage

A hint of fall foliage is a great addition to autumn serving tray décor. However, real leaves may not be practical. Luckily, fabric leaves are a workable substitute. High-quality versions may even look real at a glance, but they’ll stand the test of time, unlike their natural counterparts.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

If you do want real leaves, then you can go that route. For example, you can get pressed, dried leaves, and place them in picture frames or encase them in resin. This could actually allow a single leaf to be a focal point, which many may appreciate.

Additionally, you could add some other fall-like elements to the mix. For instance, faux cranberries (or any other deep red, roundish berry) could also be a nice touch. If you get them on springs, you could position them in a vase like a floral display. If they are loose, set them in a white ceramic bowl or small clear glass jar instead.

Try Antiqued Metal Items

Having some metallic elements can really round out a serving tray display. While you can go with a brass pumpkin, essentially covering two points with a single piece, that isn’t your only option.

For example, a small, antiqued brass desk clock could be an intriguing element. A white ceramic bowl of copper acorns could similarly be a fun addition.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

Consider what sort of shapes and symbols say fall to you. Then, look for versions made out of warm metals, preferably with an aged or subdued finish.

Embrace Distressed Pieces

Distressed paint has a weathered feel, even when it’s a faux finish. Find pieces that feature that distressed look. For instance, a small monogram wooden block is an easy option that’s widely available. You can choose one in autumn colors or focus on a neutral approach that you could potentially reuse, like a black letter on a white painted block.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

The distressed paint is reminiscent of farmhouse fence posts and worn wagons. It has that farm feel, making it perfect for rustic or country décor or anyone who likes the idea of the fall harvest.

Add a Candle or Potpourri

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be a purely visual experience. If you want your display to bring up warm, autumn memories, consider adding scent to the mix.

A pumpkin spice candle or cinnamon apple potpourri could be great additions. Most fall-scented items are made in autumn colors, so they will blend with the look. However, if you go with a candle, you may want to remove the label first, if there is one. That way, it doesn’t detract from your display.

Decorating Your Serving Tray for Fall

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