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Decorating Your 3 Tier Tray for a Baby Shower

3-tier Tray Stand Galvanized Tiered Stand Serving Tray Tiered Stand

A 3-tier tray is a versatile décor item. You can dress it up for a variety of special occasions, allowing it to serve as a centerpiece for any design. If you are hosting a baby shower, with just a few key items, you can take your galvanized 3-tier tray to the next level.

Whether you prefer options that are traditionally associated with a gender or are gender-neutral, you have plenty of options. Just remember that you don’t have to adhere to any preconceived norms to create a great display, so feel free to mix things up if you’d like. Otherwise, if you don’t know where to begin, here are some traditional and gender-neutral approaches to decorating a 3-tier tray for a baby shower.

“It’s a Girl” 3-Tier Tray

If the party is celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby girl, then you might want to focus your 3-tiered stand on the color pink. However, it’s also wise to accent the pink with other colors. For example, if you prefer a somewhat monochromatic display, use complementary shades of pink along with some white. For a bit more contrast, consider including some spring green. If you enjoy metallics, gold is a great option.

Putting flowers on your 3-tier tray is a great choice. Peonies can be a great choice, for example. You can place single buds in small vases or use clear baby bottles to hold the blooms.

Baby bottles are also a versatile décor item. You can find options that include the color pink, and then fill the bottle with a nice treat, like some hard-shell candies. Then, you can even give them out to guests before they leave, giving them a small snack to enjoy.

Bows are also associated with baby girls. You can use some ribbon and create your own or buy some premade bows that you can attach to your 3-tier tray. In either case, look for fabric bows over the those made from acetate or curling craft ribbon, as the final look will be more sophisticated.

If you want to add another delicate touch, paper doilies can be an excellent choice. They give the feel of lace, but you don’t have to worry about whether they get damaged.

Small stuffed animals can also make their way onto your serving stand, especially if you want to add something with a soft texture. Anything from teddy bears to elephants can work, as long as their overall coloring works with the scheme.

“It’s a Boy” 3-Tiered Stand

If the party is celebrating a baby boy, then the traditional main color is blue. You can either go the monochromatic route, accenting it only with white, or combine it with other hues of similar strength, like a coordinating green or yellow. Metallics also work well with blue. Both gold and silver can add some shimmer.

Many of the décor options for girls also work for boys. For example, baby bottles are universal for kids, so choose ones that work with your color scheme. Stuffed animals are also neutral, making them a flexible option regardless of gender.

If you’re looking for a fun addition, larger scale toy cars or trucks could be suitable options. You could also use miniature footballs, baseballs, or basketballs. However, it’s important to note that these could work for a girl as well, so don’t feel like you can only use them if the baby is a boy.

Gender-Neutral 3-Tier Tray

Many soon-to-be parents choose to have their child’s gender to be a surprise. Others forgo the traditional baby shower in favor of a gender reveal party. In either of those cases, keeping your galvanized tiered serving stand décor gender-neutral is essential.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for gender-neutral baby show decorations. When it comes to color palette, yellow is a great option. It’s vibrant and joyful, making it ideal for creating a celebratory mood. You could also go with green or orange, or focus solely on metallics, like gold and silver.

As for the decorations themselves, start with items that symbolize a newborn. For example, silver rattles are classy and add a bit of shine to your 3-tier tray. If you want to include something fun and whimsical, get a variety of rubber duckies to start. You could also fill small baby bottles with colorful materials, such as a bright tissue paper, candies (like M&Ms or Skittles), or tinsel.

Flowers are also an excellent addition to your baby shower galvanized 3-tier tray. Colorful blooms are often associated with celebrations, as well as the renewal of the seasons and new life. Plus, they add a natural element that feels fresh.  If your ideal flowers aren’t in season or you have concerns about allergies, forgo the real blossoms and use fabric ones, instead.

Decorating Your 3 Tier Tray for a Baby Shower

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