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Decorating a Tiered Tray for Summer

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A galvanized tiered tray can be an excellent option for seasonal décor. With a 3-tiered stand, you can create an intriguing vignette, an eye-catching arrangement that adds color and flair to any room. By decorating a tiered tray for summer, you can bring the vibrancy of the season into your home.

But many people aren’t sure where to begin for a summer display. Unlike fall, which has many traditional décor elements, summer can feel a little trickier. Luckily, decorating a tiered tray for summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips.

Think Light and Bright Colors

Generally, summer is a season that’s all about warmth and vibrancy. The temperature is rising, and outdoor spaces are at their most magnificent, and that’s a feeling you can capture when you decorate your 3-tier tray.

Often, the easiest way to start styling a 3-tiered stand is to choose a color palette that can serve as a focus. For summer, starting with a lemon or sunflower yellow can be a smart move. Both of those hues are associated with summer. For lemon, it’s reminiscent of a refreshing glass of lemonade. Sunflower yellow captures the color of the blooms that are constantly shifting toward the sun.

Blue is another color that can work well for a summer display. A bright summer sky blue connects well with the season. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go in another direction. Strong grass greens, vibrant corals, and soft whites can also be excellent choices.

Any color from a local in-season flower can also be a smart move. This is especially true if they grow in your immediate area, or come directly from your yards. It lets you bring the outside in and keeps the look seasonally relevant.

Try Sand, Shells, and Surf

If a color scheme alone isn’t enough to get you inspired, let the beach be your guide. A sand, shells, and surf theme can be a fun approach, allowing you to decorate your tiered tray for the season with items that remind you of summer shores and waves.

Start with a 3-tier tray where each level has a raised side. That way, if you add sand directly into a tier, it will stay contained.

Next, find natural shells in a range of sizes. You can either gather them yourself or purchase bags of shells from craft stores. If you manage to get your hands on a large conch, that can be an ideal anchor piece for the bottom level. Otherwise, you may want to add a small beach pale and shovel to give the lowest tier some weight.

When it comes to the surf element, sapphire blue glass pieces can be a great choice. It adds sparkle and color. You could also fill clear vases with blue marbles if you don’t have items completely made from blue glass.

Work in Some Greenery

Greenery is a must when you are decorating a tiered tray for summer. It adds a sense of life to your display, something that is a must for the height of summer.

If you don’t know where to begin, small succulents are an easy option. You can place them in nice ceramic pots that go with your color scheme or beachy theme, allowing you to keep the look cohesive. Fresh flowers are also an excellent choice, especially if you choose in-season blooms.

But if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t panic. Faux greenery can do the trick instead. Just make sure to get higher-quality pieces, as they will look more authentic, at least at a glance.

Add Some Lettering

A little bit of lettering can add visual interest to any display. When you are decorating a tiered tray for summer, consider focusing on a phrase that aligns with the season. That makes what you’re sharing highly relevant, and also serves as a reminder as to why you enjoy summer.

If you can’t find your chosen phrase pre-printed on an item you can add to your display, like a wood block, then consider creating your own. With a small piece of wood from a hobby store, a bit of paint, and either a steady hand or some stencils, you can custom create your sign.

Alternatively, you can go with something simpler. A crisp monogram on a wooden block can be a nice addition. If you want to add a metal element, consider brass letters.

Ultimately, lettering gives your display a sense of texture. Plus, it draws the eye, as people are often compelled to read signs when they seem them. By making the phrase positive, it can serve as a source of a smile, ensuring you remember the joys of summer even when you’re indoors.

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