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Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

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One of the biggest benefits of having a metal herb planter in your kitchen is the ability to grow fresh herbs all year-round. In many areas, cold temperatures make outdoor gardening impractical, if not downright impossible. With an indoor herb garden, the winter cold doesn’t matter, as you can grow precisely what you want right in your own kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for herbs that make your kitchen more vibrant or herbs that grow in limited sun, you have plenty of options available. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the best herbs to grow indoors in the winter.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter


Mint usually makes its mark during the winter, the time of year when peppermint mochas and mint hot chocolates become cozy treats for chilly days and nights. Mint teas are also favorite, particularly for soothing dry sinuses caused by heaters.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

But the flavor isn’t the only reason to add mint to your indoor herb planter. Mint also does well with limited direct sunlight, so it won’t wilt just because the days are shorter or your kitchen window is a bit shaded.


With their light oniony flavor, chives are a versatile herb that can brighten a range of meals. Whether you want to use it to heighten a French dish or to add some vibrance to a classic baked potato, chives can do the job.

This herb is also incredibly cold tolerant and can do well even if it doesn’t have access to a ton of direct sunlight. That makes chives an exceptional choice for an indoor winter herb planter.


When it comes to must-have herbs, oregano is easily one of them. It’s a traditional and versatile option, offering up a distinct flavor that works well with hearty meals, including roasted meats and vegetables and robust pasta dishes.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

Oregano can do well in drier conditions. That makes it a great choice for growing indoors during the winter, as drier air because of heaters won’t necessarily hold this herb back.


Thyme is a classic herb that makes a great addition to many hearty winter meals. It’s a favorite in sauces and soups, for example, and its citrus-like flavor pairs well with starchy foods. It’s also delectable in bread, making it an excellent choice for anyone who likes baking their own rolls or loaves at home.

If your home runs a bit cooler during the winter, go with German Winter Thyme or English Thyme. Those variants are cold-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your interior temperature as much.


Adding rosemary to your kitchen windowsill herb garden is always a smart move. Not only is it widely used, but it’s also quite aromatic, imbuing your kitchen with a delectable and refreshing scent.

Rosemary is also incredibly hardy, making it a great option for the winter. This herb tolerates cooler temperatures, allowing it to thrive even if you turn your thermostat down a bit to converse electricity. Plus, it prefers somewhat drier conditions, so it won’t struggle even if the air dries out due to using your heater.


Parsley does best when it isn’t in direct sunlight, which can make it an ideal choice for a winter indoor herb garden. It offers up a lovely flavor that works well in many Italian dishes, including a number of pastas, as well as on pizza. Many cooked breakfast foods can also benefit from fresh parsley.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

It is important to note that parsley prefers slightly damper soil. If your heater is drying out the air, make sure to water your parsley regularly to help it flourish.


With a flavor reminiscent of aniseed, chervil can be a lovely addition to your rustic herb planter. It’s a popular addition to many French dishes, making it an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys that kind of cuisine.

Additionally, chervil does well in low sunlight. This can be ideal for anyone experiencing significantly shorter days during the winter, as chervil can still thrive in those conditions.

Choosing the Right Herb Planter

If you want to have a thriving indoor herb garden, you need the right windowsill planters. Typically, a slimmer metal herb planter is the ideal choice, as it will fit easily on your windowsill or kitchen counter. Plus, you can move it with ease, allowing you to shift your herb garden’s position while you’re cooking or if you need to provide it with additional sunlight.

By going with a galvanized steel planter, like the Bison Home Goods planter pots, your indoor garden will be attractive and durable. Plus, each pot is the ideal size for herb plants, ensuring they won’t overwhelm your kitchen while still giving your herbs the space they need to flourish

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Best Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

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