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8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

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When you are looking for the right herbs for your rustic herb planter, it’s critical to take your lighting into consideration. If your kitchen doesn’t have a bright, sunny window, some plants may fail to thrive.

Luckily, there are plenty of herbs that do well with limited sunlight. If you want to take your windowsill planters to the next level, here are the eight herbs you need to choose.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

1. Mint

If you’re looking for a shade-loving plant, mint is a great choice. Even if it’s only exposed to indirect sunlight, it can flourish, giving you access to tasty leaves for tea, salads, or flavoring other dishes.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

Just keep in mind that your mint might have a milder flavor if it isn’t getting much direct sunlight. Usually, this isn’t an issue as long as you compensate by using more than you typically would.

2. Dill

With a light but incredibly distinct flavor, dill is another herb that doesn’t require a lot of direct sunlight. If your kitchen windowsill is a bit shady, this herb will still do fine. As an added bonus, you can use dill as a substitute for other herbs that might not thrive with limited light. It’s a great way to imbue a classic, though occasionally unexpected, flavor into a dish.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

3. Chervil

Chervil is technically part of the carrot family. Offering up a mild flavor that’s similar to aniseed, it’s incredibly popular in many classic French cuisine dishes.

When it comes to ideal growing conditions, chervil shouldn’t be under a hot sun. Instead, a bit of shade is exactly what this herb needs. Along with ample watering, keep your chervil on a windowsill that gets limited sunlight to ensure it flourishes.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

4. Parsley

Both curly and flat-leaved parsley actually do better in partial shade than they do in direct sunlight. It’s possible that the herb’s preference for moist soil plays a role in that, as the hot sun causes moisture to evaporate faster.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

Parsley is also particularly well-suited to being grown indoors. Since younger parsley plants don’t handle frost well, its an ideal herb for an indoor planter garden.

5. Chives

The light onion flavor of chives is a popular addition to a wide range of meals, making this herb incredibly useful to have within arm’s reach in your kitchen. While chives do prefer full sunlight, it isn’t a necessity. A shady sill is a viable option for this herb, allowing you to place it nearly anywhere without risking the plant’s health.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

6. Sorrel

With a unique, semi-sour, and slightly tart taste, sorrel can be a refreshing and intriguing addition to sauces, salads, or even soups. You also don’t have to grow it in direct sunlight, making it a wise choice for somewhat shaded windowsill planters.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

7. Coriander

If you have a kitchen windowsill herb planter that doesn’t get much light, consider adding coriander to it. Along with citrusy leaves, this herb also produces edible seeds and flowers, making it a fun and versatile option.

 8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

8. Tarragon

With its licorice-flavored leaves, tarragon is an easy favorite for salads and vinegar infusions. If you want this herb to flourish indoors, exposing it to some morning sun and following that with afternoon shade is ideal.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight

Choosing the Right Rustic Herb Planter

If you want a windowsill herb garden, you need the right rustic herb planter for the job. Usually, metal is a great option. The material is incredibly sturdy, for one. For another, if you accidentally bump the planter and knock it over, metal doesn’t break. Since you’ll be pulling fresh herbs regularly, a little bit of extra safety isn’t a bad thing.

Choosing a rustic herb planter with a caddy is also a smart move. If you need to relocate your windowsill planter quickly, you can pick up every plant using the tray.

If you’re looking for a great option, the Bison Home Goods Planter Pots and Tray gives you both metal construction and a caddy. The finish is galvanized metal, so it can handle getting wet. Plus, the tray comes with handles, making it easier than ever to move your windowsill herb planter when the need arises.

8 Best Herbs to Grow in Limited Sunlight


In the end, choosing a durable and attractive rustic herb planter is the best approach. That way, it will stand the test of time while elevating the look of your kitchen.

If you’re interested in a Bison Home Goods Planter Pots and Tray make sure to check out Bison Home Goods shop by clicking here

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