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5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

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Serving trays can be versatile décor items. They allow you to gather objects together, creating small vignettes that draw the eye. Plus, serving trays are easy to move around, giving you flexibility in your space when you need it.

However, many people struggle with finding decorating serving tray ideas. Luckily, there are some outstanding options available. If you don’t know how to style your serving trays, here’s what you need to know to get it right.

Picking the Right Serving Tray

Before you start exploring serving tray décor ideas, you need to make sure you have an outstanding serving tray available. After all, the tray acts as a foundation for the display, so it needs to be up to the task.

Ideally, you want to pick a serving tray that’s visually striking, but not too busy. For example, a bit of wood grain can add a lovely texture without being overwhelming. Plus, with wood, there’s an automatic natural element, no matter the color of the tray, which can be beneficial.

It’s also smart to choose a serving tray with handles. That way, you can easily move the display whenever the need arises.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

1. Go Traditional

There’s nothing wrong with classic décor. By decorating serving trays with classic elements, you create a timeless vignette that can feel particularly sophisticated.

For example, start with short, wide candles and place them on brass plates. Add a small wooden figure, like a handcrafted duck. Add a short, white or cream ceramic vase, and fill it with your favorite blooms. When in doubt, roses and tulips are great options for a classic look.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

2. Think Fun

Decorating serving trays with classic games can be a great option. It puts fun at your fingertips, which is ideal if you enjoy entertaining or want to spend time together as a family.

While many games look a bit childish, others don’t. For example, Chinese checkers and backgammon boards can have incredibly elevated looks.

You could also add some quirky elements. There are wood and metal brainteasers – also called logic puzzles – that are excellent options. Peg solitaire can also be a great choice.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

3. For the Love of Reading

If nothing is nicer in your eyes than curling up with a great book, why not make that the theme of your serving tray décor? You can begin by placing a short stack of your favorite reads on the tray. This can include anything you’re currently working on as well as books you turn to time and time again.

Once you have three to five books in place (depending on their size), it’s time for decorative elements. You could actually place a few bookmarks in a clear vase. There are many beautiful options available, allowing you to add more functions to our décor.

Having a spot for a nice succulent can be a good idea. Consider placing it in a mug that’s got book print on it, ensuring it goes with the theme.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

4. A Quirky Collection

Your serving tray décor can actually serve as a conversation starter. If you have a collection of small items, consider displaying them in the tray. It keeps them centralized and contained, and increases the odds that guests will notice the pieces.

If you aren’t sure what to display, antique spoons and coins from around the world are examples of collection types that could work. However, anything that’s of a smaller scale could be worth trying.

Depending on the items you choose, you might need a foundation piece of two. Usually, you can’t go wrong with a stout vase, a healthy succulent in a pot, or mid-sized figurine. After that, display your collectibles around the foundation item.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

5. Super Simple

There’s nothing that says decorating a serving tray has to involve a ton of items. In fact, you can pull off a lovely display with just two or three well-chosen pieces.

Begin with a semi-tall opaque vase, such as a ceramic option, in a solid color. Pair it with a slightly shorter glass vase of a similar width. Next, place a squat succulent in a small wooden pot. Arrange the trio of items together somewhat tightly on the tray, and you’re done.

5 Most Incredible Decorating Serving Tray Ideas

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