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5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters

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If you have windowsill planters and own cats, there’s a good chance your feline friends have helped themselves to some of your herbs. While this might seem harmless, not all plants are cat-friendly.

With some, even a small nibble can cause an upset stomach in cats. Some plants are also highly toxic and potentially fatal.

But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of your farmhouse flower pot and tray set. Instead, all you need to do is grow plants that are safe for cats to eat. That way, they’ll be able to nom to their heart's content.

If you’re looking for cat-friendly plants for your windowsill planters, here are five excellent options.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters

1. Catnip

When it comes to cat-friendly plants, catnip is the quintessential example. About 50 percent of felines adore having a fresh source of this member of the mint family. It’s non-toxic and can be pleasantly intoxicating for cats. If you want to stir your kitties up into a bit of a joyful frenzy, then it’s a great addition to your indoor herb garden.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Catnip

Plus, it’s a breeze to grow, requiring only standard care for it to flourish. Catnip also looks great in tin planters, which is a nice aesthetic bonus.

2. Valerian

If you’d like to add a cat-friendly flowering plant to your windowsill planters, try valerian. It produces small white flowers that are quite beautiful. Plus, when consumed by your feline friend, it provides an effect that is highly similar to catnip. 

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Valerian

It is important to note that valerian does produce a scent. While it’s a common addition to perfumes, not everyone enjoys the small. Before you add valerian to your metal herb planter, take a whiff. That way, you’ll know how you feel about the aroma before you commit to the plant.

3. Cat Thyme

Only about 50 percent of cats feel any effect after consuming catnip. If your kitty doesn’t, then cat thyme might be a great alternative. It’s another plant that can produce a similar effect, making it a wise addition to any cat-friendly herb garden.

As a bonus, each summer, your cat thyme will produce pink blooms. Like valerian, they do have a scent, so you may want to see if you find it enjoyable before you plant it in your rustic herb planter.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Cat Thyme

Also, keep in mind that cat thyme is a slow grower. You might not want to give your cat free rein to nibble on this plant, or they may devour it entirely.

4. Lemongrass

If you want to add something to your metal herb planter that both you and your cat will enjoy, lemongrass is a great choice. It’s one of many easy to grow herbs for kitchens, but it’s one of only a few that your kitty will enjoy, too.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Lemongrass

Plus, there are many ways you can use lemongrass as well. It makes a flavorful addition to marinades, stir-fries, salad dressings, and more.

5. Cat Grass

Another classic addition to any cat-friendly windowsill planter, cat grass can aid in digestion and assist with hairballs. It also provides your feline friend with nutrients that aren’t always easily found in pet foods.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Cat Grass

Plus, cat grass looks good. The look is simple and clean, invoking feelings of a spring lawn. That makes it a great way to keep the look of the warmer seasons with you all year long.

Choosing Your Ideal Indoor Windowsill Planters

Making sure your windowsill planters are as cat-friendly as the plants you’re growing is essential. Ideally, you want to opt for metal herb planters. Unlike ceramic, metal is essentially guaranteed not to break if it gets tipped over and falls off a windowsill. Plus, they are much more attractive than plastic alternatives.

It’s also smart to find an option with a caddy. That way, if you need to move your rustic herb planter outside of your cat’s reach, you can simply pick up the tray and go.

The BisonHome Planter Pots and Tray is a great example of both. The galvanized metal finish on the planters makes it an attractive and durable option, ideal for rustic, farmhouse, and a range of other interiors. Plus, it comes with a stainless steel tray with handles, so moving your pots is a breeze.

5 Cat-Friendly Plants for Your Windowsill Planters - Bison Home Goods Planter Pots and Tray (Vintage) Caddy, 3 Buckets w/Twisted Metal Handles

Ultimately, you want to find an option that’s strong and easy on the eyes. That way, you don’t have to worry about your cats hurting your planters or sacrifice style in the name of durability.

If you’re interested in a farmhouse flower pot and tray set make sure to check out Bison Home Goods shop by clicking here

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