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5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

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Tray stands are popular décor items. They create a contained display space, giving you an opportunity to craft a unique vignette that aligns with your farmhouse style.

But figuring out how to decorate your tiered tray stand isn’t always easy. Creating visual balance and ensuring the final look is cohesive can be difficult, especially if you choose décor items haphazardly.

Luckily, by embracing the right approach, you can make sure your farmhouse style tray stand is everything you’d hoped and more. If you don’t know where to begin, here’s everything you need to know.

Choosing the Right Tray Stand

First and foremost, you need to have the right tray stand. Farmhouse style has a specific look, so you want a 3-tiered tray that meshes with that aesthetic.

Usually, that means choosing a rustic tiered stand. For example, a galvanized steel tiered serving stand can serve as a great foundation. The look of the steel is reminiscent of old country pails and pitchers, making it an excellent choice.

You could also try galvanized bronze if you prefer a warmer look. The pattern on the metal keeps the stand for being overly stark, allowing it to blend well with the farmhouse style.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

1. Think Distressed

Generally, farmhouse style is relaxed. It has a time-worn quality, allowing the age of a piece to stand as a feature.

When you choose painted décor items for your tray stand, select pieces that look a bit distressed. A little bit of worn-off paint, slightly faded lettering, and similar features make the item look weathered and well-loved, something that can be a great foundation for farmhouse style.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

2. Add a Farm Animal or Two

If you really want to invoke thoughts of the farm, adding the right animals to your display is an easy way to accomplish that goal. For example, an antique bronze chicken or white ceramic cow are both excellent choices, as their association with farms is undeniable. You could even use a porcelain piggy bank, if you’d like.

Choosing the animals can be a lot of fun. Plus, they add a sense of farmhouse whimsy to your décor, ensuring your tray stand will always bring a smile to your face when you see it.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

3. Greenery is a Must

Farmhouse style embraces nature and life. That’s why having some greenery on your tiered tray stand is so important.

Consider taking some small white ceramic vases or pitchers and using them in place of traditional planters. If you want to add a metallic element, copper pots are commonly used in farmhouse designs, giving your display a bit of warmth and shine.

Once you choose some options to use as planters, either plant herbs directly inside of use the items to hold a traditional plastic pot. With aromatic herbs, you not only add a hint of greenery, but you also have a usable source of herbs for cooking.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

4. Embrace Wood Elements

Natural wood is a staple in farmhouse designs. Whether you fill in an available space with oversized wood beads, find wooden letters for a monogram, or pick up a small, all-wood birdhouse, the piece will add warmth to your display.

You can also look for mini kitchen items made of wood. A miniature rolling pin imbues a hint of rustic charm, for example.

If you’re having trouble finding the right piece, small wood rounds – like natural wood coasters made from log slices – can be a great choice. They resemble firewood, adding a nice country element to the design.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

5. Try a Bit of Twine

Twine is another farmhouse style décor item that imbues warmth and rustic charm. You can use heavy twine to fill in gaps, fill a dish with twine balls, or wrap the supports on your tiered tray to introduce this design element.

Another benefit of twine is it adds texture. It’s typically a bit rough, making it a great contrast to smooth white ceramic pieces and similar items.

By using all of the tips above together, you can create an amazing farmhouse style tray stand. However, you can also use each one separately as a source of inspiration, allowing you to build on it and take your décor in the perfect direction based on your preferences.

5 Best Farmhouse Style Tray Stand Décor Ideas

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