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3 Ways to Style Your Nesting Trays

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Nesting trays are convenient home items. Usually, serving trays of any kind are very versatile. They can create surfaces, carry items, and promote organization.

Plus, they can be incredibly attractive. Whether it’s a black serving tray with handles, a large wood tray, or a stainless steel tray, they can all add something to your décor.

But, if you want to make the most of your nesting trays, styling them is essential. If you are wondering why you should style your nesting trays or how to pull it off, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Style Your Nesting Trays

Nesting trays are functional items. In many cases, you want them to be accessible. That way, you can use them for a range of purposes, including anything from serving trays for appetizers to table organization wonders.

But nesting trays can also be attractive décor elements. A rustic tray can add a country vibe to a space while a stainless steel tray with handles can be either elegant or industrial, depending on the finish.

3 Ways to Style Your Nesting Trays

Plus, your nesting trays allow you to add stable surfaces to your room. For example, with large ottoman trays, you can take upholstered items and turn them into tables. Once you do, you are creating functional and display opportunities that you shouldn’t overlook.

How to Style Your Nesting Trays

Styling your nesting trays is easier than you might think. By combining décor elements with practicality, you can craft a functional and beautiful surface. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here are three ways to decorate your nesting trays.

1. Seasonal Coffee Table Displays

Many households love adjusting their décor for the holidays. By using serving trays, you can create vignettes that celebrate the season.

In the spring, fresh flowers in a steel watering can or a pastel vase can be a great start. Then, by adding a fragrant candle and a brass baby animal figurine or two, you’ve got a look that celebrates the season.

For fall, consider some mini gourds or glass pumpkins. Couple that with some twine balls and fabric autumn foliage, and you’re set.

The trays frame your seasonal coffee table display. It makes the entire look appear more intentional. Plus, if you need to use your coffee table for another purpose, it makes the vignette portable. You can simply pick up the tray and move everything.

2. Ottoman to Coffee Table Décor

Many households use large ottoman trays to transition seating into usable table surfaces. However, guests might not always know that using the tray is okay.

If you want to make sure that everyone understands the purpose of your nesting trays on your ottoman, style them accordingly. For example, place a few drink coasters on the tray. That lets people know that setting their drinks there is acceptable.

3 Ways to Style Your Nesting Trays

You could also place items that are often found on a coffee table on the nesting trays instead. For example, magazines, television remotes, and similar things give guests clues about the tray’s purpose.

3. Entryway Nesting Trays

When you enter your home, it’s normal to have items you need to set aside. Keys and wallets are the most obvious. However, some people like to set down more, including their smartphones or incoming mail.

With a little bit of styling, you can make nesting trays the obvious homes for these items. Set them on an entryway table for starters. Also, make sure they are near an outlet or an electronics charging cord.

Then, place a few empty containers on each tray. That creates opportunities for organization. Plus, it can keep the trays from looking cluttered, ensuring the final look is still attractive.

If you want to create a place for mail, start with a very large serving tray. Place smaller nesting trays on top to create different inboxes.

That way, you can separate each household member’s mail or make sure that bills and junk mail aren’t mixed together.

Choosing the Right Nesting Trays

If you want to make the most of nesting trays, you need to select the best ones for your needs. As far as materials, there are plenty of options.

Consider which ones go with your décor. You might find that rustic wooden trays are a great match or that your home is better off with stainless steel serving trays. It’s possible that black serving trays with handles are the ideal match, so keep those in mind as well.

Once you settle on a material, then factor in size. You can find anything from large ottoman trays to coffee bar trays to dining trays.

Measure the surface the tray will sit on. Then, decide what dimensions make the most sense. That way, you get the right about of area, ensuring your nesting trays work just how you want.

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