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3 Basic Tips for Decorating a 3 Tier Tray

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Decorating a 3-tier tray seems like a simple undertaking. However, there are some nuances that may catch you off guard.

A 3-tier tray is a unit, a backdrop that brings a group of items together visually. Everything on each level needs to feel like part of a larger whole, ensuring the final look is cohesive. If you select items haphazardly, it could cause your 3-tiered stand to seem disjointed, which isn’t ideal.

Luckily, by using the right approach, you can create an amazing display on your 3-tier tray. If you don’t know where to begin, here are three basic tips that will send you in the right direction.

3 Basic Tips for Decorating a 3 Tier Tray

1. Start with a Theme or Color Scheme

The easiest way to create a cohesive look is to start with a theme or color scheme in mind. That way, everything you add will connect to the other pieces, enhancing the final appearance of your 3-tiered stand.

When you go the theme route, you can choose items that all align with a single “message.” For example, you may style your 3-tier tray based on the seasons or for a holiday. You could also choose a hobby as a focus, or make your 3-tiered stand an ode to coffee, margaritas, nachos, or another favorite snack or drink.

With your theme chosen, pick items that align with it. You may need some additional foundational pieces to fill in extra space, like white pottery or plants, ensuring that your tiers don’t seem empty.

For a color scheme, start with a main color you’d like to feature. Then, you can choose a supporting color or two. The ones you select will vary depending on whether you’d prefer a monochromatic look or something with more contrast. As long as the hues work well together, either approach is fine.

Once you decide on a scheme, locate items that are in the right colors. Make sure there’s some variety when it comes to size, shape, and material.

Don’t go overboard if you’re using the color scheme approach. Generally, the main color and one or two supporting colors is enough. This is especially true because you will technically be adding in a few more hues before you’re done, as discussed in the next tip.

2. Mix in Woods and Metals

Along with the items you choose based on your theme or color scheme, you want to make sure there’s a bit of wood and a touch of metal. Wood adds warmth, as well as a natural element.

A simple string of wooden beads can be an easy way to integrate wood into your display. Small log rounds, about the size of coasters, can also be a great option. If you want to add a personalized element, a wood block with a monogram is a nice choice.

As for metal, whether you need to integrate additional elements may depend on your tiered stand. If you have a natural steel or tin serving tray, your 3-tiered tray already has a silver hue. In that case, you may not need to incorporate additional metal pieces.

However, if you’re using a black 3-tiered stand, a few splashes of gold or silver could be smart additions. Metal adds a hint of shine or shimmer, giving your display a bit more dimension.

3. Add Texture

While wood adds a bit of texture, if you use it sparingly and every other item on your 3-tier tray is sleek and a bit shiny, you may want to use a bit more. A simple ball of yarn or twine adds texture and, potentially, a hint of softness. Towels and cloth napkins can play a similar role.

Plants and flowers are great for texture as well. Whether you use live or faux plants doesn’t matter, as long as they aren’t overly shiny or plastic-looking.

Putting Together Your 3-Tier Tray

Ideally, you want to collect all of the items you’d like to put on your 3-tier tray – using the tips above as a guide – and place them all near, but not on, your tiered stand. By doing so, you can compare the heights, widths, coloring, textures, and other features of each item.

When you begin placing pieces on your 3-tiered stand, focus on balance. While you may have a single large anchor piece on the lowest level, you want to make sure that the end look feels even to the eye.

If you have multiples of similar pieces, you may want to alternate them. For example, place one of the pieces on the left side of the upper tier, then set another on the right side of the middle tier.

As you add items, pause, step back, and examine your tiered stand frequently. You may have to make small adjustments or completely move pieces to achieve your ideal look. While it can be a bit of a process, it’s completely worth it when the final display is just what you had envisioned.

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